Prices of works and services for 2021

Processing of accounting – documents

  • in the company office – CZK 430,- / hour
  • work in the premises of the client or in case of an audited company – CZK 450,- / hour

The price includes handover of documents, consultations related to common problems of the client, common phone calls concerning regular activity, an option to use complete accounting software. We keep a record of the hours worked and the job content and this record may be consulted anytime.


Financial statements

  • in the company office – CZK 430,- / hour
  • work in the premises of the client or in case of an audited company – CZK 450,- / hour 
  • This means control and closing of books including book inventory at the end of accounting period (ordinarily it does not exceed the average price per month for keeping of the books in question). In case of an audited company, one more lump sum for cooperation with the auditor and elaboration of documents according to his instructions is charged. 


Elaboration of tax return

  • elaboration of corporate income tax return including annexes - CZK 4,000 – CZK 7,000,- 
  • elaboration of summaries for the Prague Social Security Administration and for the General Health Insurance Company for natural persons - CZK 300 – CZK 500,- / summary
  • elaboration of annual report – at a request of the chairman of board of directors - CZK 2,000 – CZK 4,000,- (depending on the complexity)
  • elaboration of VAT return including the obligation to record – CZK 750,- (we do not charge this amount to companies that have arranged monthly lump sum)
  • supplementary VAT return or a revision of the return, changes not caused by the company A-Z Ekon s.r.o. – CZK 150,-
  • elaboration of road tax return not more than 2 vehicles – CZK 430,- / 1 unit
  • elaboration of road tax return for every extra vehicle – a surcharge of CZK 100,- 



  • registration or deregistration of an employee including all administration –  CZK 430,- / employee
  • wage administration – CZK 220 - 300,- / employee / month
  • employment tax return –  CZK 430,- / 1 unit
  • withholding tax return – CZK 430,-



  • accounting, tax and economic consulting - CZK 1,000 – CZK 2,000,- / hour

Every commenced quarter-hour is charged, always by prior arrangement with the client, in case of a larger amount of work the price is negotiated. 

Other services

  • Re-invoicing of postage, office material, copying, submission to the tax office, companies register – costs connected with income tax return - CZK 200 (this is a lump sum)
  • Re-invoicing of costs connected with print of accounting books, storage:
      • printed page –  CZK 1,- / 1 unit
      • folder –  CZK 45,- / 1 unit